Pulsar Reporting

Pulsar Reporting UI

Pulsar is an open-source solution for your team to do analysis of real-time events streams, it can be used for web analytics, monitoring of events on infrastructure and similar applications.

The Pulsar Reporting UI is a reporting solution that allows your team to visualize your events and traffic in real-time. It allows both developers and final users to build customized dashboards and visualizations.

See the Github repository for setup.

See: Pulsar Reporting announcement in the ebay Tech Blog!

Pulsar Reporting UI is built on AngularJS. Users can create visualizations using a point-and-click interfaces and developers to create visualizations by using lower-level Pulsar components.

Full documentation for development is at Pulsar Reporting JS Docs.

Features & Screenshots

  • Time bound and Real-time visualizations
  • Dimension vs. Metric visualizations
  • Display of widgets which display fetched data

Out-of-the-box dashboard


Real-time data flow (Trend Today)


Number of visitors example (segregated by source)

Sessions by source

Sessions filtering by source

Sessions one source

Custom Dashboards creation and updating

  • Creation of dashboards by grouping widgets programatically
  • Creation of dashboards from the UI for non-experts users
  • Administrative capabilities to manage users and access

Dashboard Create

Dashboard Edit

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