Software Projects Interview Questions

Use these reference questions to evaluate a candidate’s understanding of Software projects and setup, these are aimed a technical project manager, but “pure coders” should understand how and why their work is organized in a certain way as well.

Answers are open-ended and there is often no single perfect answer.

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  • What is the difference between Agile and SCRUM?

  • What are the components of a User Story?

  • What is iterative development? Why is it so popular in software?

  • How long are the iterations (sprint) where you work? Is this too long or too short? Why?

  • How often are your projects released to production?

  • Is deploying on Friday a good practice or not?

  • What is TDD (Test-driven development)? Why is it good?

  • What is your current team size? Is this a good team size?

  • What is the difference Continuous Integration? Do you know Continuous Delivery? What are the differences?

  • How many environments do you use (e.g. Development, Sandbox, Production…), and why?

  • What differences in the setup are needed for Projects vs. Products?

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