Hola, I am Miguel.

Full-stack developer and software team lead in Bogotá and Shanghai.


I build and architect client-side web applications.

JavaScript is my best programming language, with 7+ years of experience, and I have created over 6 large projects using JS frameworks. I use HTML 5, SASS+CSS, NodeJS and Git daily. I automate my tests with Jest, Jasmine, Selenium, and Protractor.

I have full-stack expertise as well, other languages I use are Python, Java, and PHP (more than 10 Drupal CMS projects).

Best Practices Advocate

I drive best practices implementation, with Agile and SCRUM, manual (and automated) code reviews, pushing TDD, integration and end-to-end tests. I have a DevOps mindset and always have Continuous Delivery as an objective.

I lead Agile project teams, implement and improve CI/CD pipelines in software projects in which I take part. I also coach and help team members be more effective.

I am a Gitlab user and fanboy, I set up jobs using Jenkins and Gitlab CI, and run quality assurance initiatives.

Tech Lead

I have led teams, I have hired, coached and mentored my team, I have worked with people from many countries, in-person and remotely. I often end up involved in figuring out difficult technical issues as well as handling team and organization-related topics.


Did Miguel… cool, show me!
…hire and lead engineers? Yes, and he wrote an interview kit to compile lessons learned.
…contribute substantially to an open-source project? eBay’s real-time reporting and analytics tool: Pulsar UI.
…get AWS certified? Certified Solutions Architect - Associate
…work with cool people? He has had some great colleagues… like Toni, product manager and Hernán, BI expert

Extra credit

Education as engineers should be ongoing, so I continue to study and improve my skills in my spare time:

Something else?

Sure! Ask me about… Colombia, diving, China, bowling, bad guitar playing, fasting, frugality, Improv theater, cryptocurrencies and of course, computer stuff.

Get in touch!

I am not hard to find! Feel free to contact me on LinkedIn, Github or StackOverflow.